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Cherry four drawer chest

Cherry four drawer chest. Child's size. Poplar secondary wood. Found in Nelson County. Virginia. HOA 26 in., DOA 14 in.,  WOA 17in

Valley of Virginia ladder back arm chair

Valley of Virginia ladder back arm chair. Good condition. Replaced seat.

Virginia Walnut One-Drawer Stand

Virginia walnut one-drawer stand. Walnut secondary wood. Probably eastern VA. Good Chippindale-period table.  HOA 30 in., DOA 27 in., LOA 31 in.

Dome-top Sea Chest 19th century dome-top sea chest in yellow paint, depicting whaling scenes. The ship Maria. White pine construction with wrought nails, and original handles. LOA 42 in.  HOA 20 in.  DOA 17in.
Early bottle box - Eastern Virginia Early bottle box. Eastern Virginia. In completely original untouched condition. Great strap hinges with early wrought nails and side handles. Green paint over red base color. HOA 16 in.  DOA 19.5 in. LOA 29 in.
Walnut Blanket Chest Walnut blanket chest. Southeastern Virginia. Circa 1760- 1780. Double fishtail strap hinges. Oak battens secured with wrought nails. Turned feet secured in wrought nailed on pads. Three pad and two front feet are original. LOA 31 in., HOA 17 in., DOA 18 in.
New England Child’s blanket Chest New England child’s blanker chest with bun feet. White pine with leather hinges. Original surface.
Mahogany Tea Table Eastern Virginia or North Carolina tea table. Mahogany, with hour glass birdcage pillars. Fine condition.
Virginia Slant Front Desk

Virginia Slant Front Desk. Circa 1760--1780. HOA 45 In. DOA 22.5 In. WOA 39 In...

For a related example see Antiques Magazine Oct 1973 For Wallace Gusler Article, Examples 6, 7, 8.

Virginia yellow pine mantle Virginia yellow pine mantle, with original red paint under later coats. Circa 1780-1790. HOA 64 in. WOA 7 feet. Arched opening 62 in. x 43 in . Have 10 more early mantles in stock.
Rhode Island Pembroke table Rhode Island mahogany Pembroke table, chestnut and maple secondary wood. Cross stretchers with molded legs. Circa 1780-1790. HOA 27 in. DOA 32 in. WOA 18 in.
Richmond or Petersburg, Virginia Banquet Table Mahogany two-part banquet table. Richmond or Petersburg, Virginia.Circa 1800 – 1810, HOA 28.5 in., WOA 41.5 in., LOA 76 in. Oak and poplar secondary wood.